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Bel, Benny, and the Latex Maid

🐱 Jamie Sharp 🐾 10mo

After getting to connect at a party, Benny (BennyBoi0806) was curious if I could visit with my latex maid outfit. After getting the sling ready and getting a few photos, I hopped into the sling, and Benny was quick to get to work~ Once Benny ran out of steam, Bel (BelManedGoatAD) was interested in trying on my panties. Once they were on, I figured it would be hot if I could smell both Benny and Bel’s scent in my muzzle, so Bel set them there as he had his turn with the service kitten~ This video was very fun to record and edit, if you enjoyed then leave a like and a comment, and if you wish to support me, you can do so by subscribing to my OnlyFans or Telegram Channel: linktr.ee/tuxmew

how do u make such cute sounds

how do u make such cute sounds