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Sexual Service Creature, Ch 2 [Ft. @WetsuitStallion]

🐱 Jamie Sharp 🐾 21d

Sexual Service Animal Training, Ch 2 Sometimes, the stars align and opportunities are able to be combined After messaging and becoming acquainted with each other, WetsuitStallion asked if I would be open to spending an evening together if he were in town, and with how polite and playful he was, I felt it would be fun to make plans together When the opportunity surfaced, I realized the ideal timing for a visit would overlap with the date I had planned for my next session with DangerBones, so I figured I would ask both of them if they were open to combining plans, and after both agreed, the date was set~ I picked up the stallion from the airport, talked about cars on the way to the studio, and we took a few minutes to decompress and get comfortable after arriving. Once everything was prepared, I presented my self on the mattress and let the neoprene-clad stud get to experiencing my services. Full video is available on my Premium Telegram channel: linktr.ee/tuxmew WetsuitStallion: https://twitter.com/wetsuitstallion