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Nover🐺Destroys, Obliterates and Pulverizes Niko🐼 (cnc)

Niko Koi Panda 7mo

Hey /)////(\, Wasn't sure If I should post this one. Basically, this came from day one... I haven't bottomed in Months, and he decided to use the minimum amount of lube necessary, and try some cnc... seeing how long I can hold out till I break. I did end up with a tare after (thankfully vid is blood free), It hurt like hell but... I loved it :3c I tear, he goes harder, I tare more, he goes harder still... hmph... Consentual non-Consent is a fun thing to do, but always remember to have a safe word!! I was safe in that I knew when I said it, he would stop. this is key to cnc. I wanna find more peeps who'd go this hard on me 🤤.. Top: Nover @PupNover on twitter Bottom: Niko (me) @NikoKoiPanda on Twitter Camera: Niko (me) Uploaded with permission from all parties, ~Niko